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As an organ virtuoso I am not only interpreter of classical organ works (Videos on Youtube), but at the same time messenger of my own compositions for this instrument.

The repertoire of organ music is generally speaking already very large and comprises master pieces from all stilistic epochs. Hence it was my aspiration and became my style, to ease the static sound of the organ by predominantly dance-like rhythms. I integrate elements of various cultures, playing patterns and unusual metres, as they occur f. e. in Celtic, Slavic and Latin American music. My own organ works have a predominantly cheerful and swinging character with singing melodies.


Film Music

As film music composer I work together since april 2011 with the film production company Debowska Productions (


The first resultat of this collaboration is the movie "Angell" (1 h. 20 min.), which has as theme the survival of the soul after the physical death. After a quiet and happy beginning a drama develops by the accidental death of a young girl.

Her desperate mother bent on revenge when she learns that the accident was due to the negligence of a drinker, the deceased girl appeals from the afterlife, however, to practice forgiveness. Trailer





Pic Bug Welcome

The music for the movie about the ascension on the legendary "Holy Mountain" Bugarach and an expedition into his cave system combines great hymnic and symphonic passages for the outdoor scenes with experimental sounds with specific intervals in just intonation, emphasizing the mystery of the radiation of this mountain.

The Trailer uses my title song. Trailer






L´Ange passe

For the movie L'Ange passe (2011), mainly filmed in the French pelgrimage place Lourdes, I not only composed the music, but also play as an actor a starring role, a musician, specifically organ virtuoso, who was traumatically paralyzed after a car accident in which he lost his family. He is cured by the attention and affection of a young Polish French teacher from Warsaw, who came to Lourdes to pray for her cancer-stricken friend in connection with the magic of the place and it's healing water sources. A film about the magic of love and prayer.  Trailer

At the end of the movie I play the famous Bach Toccata in d minor at the great Cavaillé-Coll organ of Carcassonne cathedral, here a Video extract on Youtube.





Le Rêve de Manon

Movie about the life of a medium that lives surrounded by his animals and about the ability of us all to change our lives. Life holds many surprises sometimes. Manon is a young talented medial woman who lives surrounded by their dogs on a beautiful estate in southern France. My life is rather simple close of their surroundings often not understood until one day everything changes by the happy reunion with her ​​childhood friend Bruno, who has since become a businessman. In the course of a personal drama the sober intellectual man is faced with the paranormal world of Manon. This event Bruno plunges into a crisis of consciousness that changes his life and he reconnects with his childhood soul. Two universes, which apparently were in total contradiction to each other are united in the most beautiful dream of love. Trailer






Au-delà de l'amour mon amour

A young woman, Magdalena, gone astray and absorbed in thoughts, comes into a wonderful area, the "pays cathare" (Cathar) in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene and of herself. On her way she meets Love and loses it suddenly, crashing into the abyss of suffering with the only wish to disappear. But the loved person is still there, it manifests itself through an invisible and continued presence that leads to the deepest of your being and unexpected happiness. Anything can happen... Trailer







Hans-André Stamm - Composer of microtonal Music

In a documentary about my own microtonal music, which has been used for the first time in the movie "Angell", I speak about my approach to this totally new field of composition using the microtonal instrument U-Plex der US-Firma for demonstration. Here a Video on Youtube









I made a further film music for a documentary with the medium Pénélope Louise Bonnaud, who channels messages of deceased animals, mostly dogs. They are, according to Penelope, often much more than beings with a lower conscience, much more than friends, namely spiritual companions and true healers. Trailer




Sheet Music Editions

Sheet music editions available:

Music for Organ solo:

Organ Works Vol. I

Organ Works Vol. II

Organ Works Vol. III

Organ Works Vol. IV

Organ Works Vol. V

Organ Works Vol. VI

Celtic Spirit on Organ Vol. I

Celtic Spirit on Organ Vol. II

Latin Spirit on Organ

Four Suites for Organ

Three Choral Fantasias for Organ

Amadeus-Suite for organ

J. S. Bach - Two Organ Pieces

César Franck - Larghetto from the String Quartet

F. Mendelssohn - Allegro Vivace from Symphony No. V

Music for Solo & Organ:

Ten Pieces for Flute & Organ

Eight Pieces for Flute & Organ

Organ Sound & Flute Magic Vol. I

Organ Sound & Flute Magic Vol. II

Organ Sound & Flute Magic Vol. III

Eight Pieces for Flute & Organ

Works for Violin & Organ

Works for Trumpet & Organ

Works for two Trumpets & Organ

Six Pieces for Alto Saxophone & Organ

Little Jazz Suite for Alto Saxophone & Organ/Piano

Works for Horn & Organ

Works for Trombone & Organ

Works for 3 Flutes, Harp & Organ

Toccata for Brass Quartet & Organ

Intrada festiva & Passio for Brass Quintet and Organ

Works for Piano:

Works for Piano

Works for Solo & Piano:

Works for Violin & Piano

Ten Pieces for Flute & Piano

Eight pieces for Flute & Piano

Works for 3 Flutes & Piano

Works for Woodwind Quintet:

Salsamania for Woodwind Quintet

Works for String Quartet:

String Quartet D major

Vocal Music:

Missa Gioiosa for 4prt mixed chorus or 3prt female or male chorus & piano/organ

Kölner Pueri Cantores Messe (Cologne Pueri Cantores Mass) für 4prt mixed choir or 2prt childrens chorus & piano/organ

Cantata "Christ, the Heavenly Phoenix"

Works with Orchestra:

Concerto for Organ & Orchestra

Celtic Concerto for Piano & Orchestra


DVDs J. S. Bach - Greatest Organ Works (3)

J. S. BACH - Greatest Organ Works Vol. I & II

DVD Bach - Greatest Organ Works I & II   During the months of August and September of 2000 I recorded for the company Media Hyperium, Rodondo Beach, California, USA for Pioneer two DVDs mit den with some of the most well-known organ works by Bach.  This was the first DVD production of organ music world-wide  (Dolby surround, 96 KHz, 24 bit).

These DVDs are only available via ebay as import from the US or South Corea. A European distribution partner has not yet been found.

Front cover DVD1














Front Cover DVD2

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