Sheet Music Editions

Sheet music editions available:

Music for Organ solo:

Organ Works Vol. I

Organ Works Vol. II

Organ Works Vol. III

Organ Works Vol. IV

Organ Works Vol. V

Organ Works Vol. VI

Celtic Spirit on Organ Vol. I

Celtic Spirit on Organ Vol. II

Latin Spirit on Organ

Four Suites for Organ

Three Choral Fantasias for Organ

Amadeus-Suite for organ

J. S. Bach - Two Organ Pieces

César Franck - Larghetto from the String Quartet

F. Mendelssohn - Allegro Vivace from Symphony No. V

Music for Solo & Organ:

Ten Pieces for Flute & Organ

Eight Pieces for Flute & Organ

Organ Sound & Flute Magic Vol. I

Organ Sound & Flute Magic Vol. II

Organ Sound & Flute Magic Vol. III

Eight Pieces for Flute & Organ

Works for Violin & Organ

Works for Trumpet & Organ

Works for two Trumpets & Organ

Six Pieces for Alto Saxophone & Organ

Little Jazz Suite for Alto Saxophone & Organ/Piano

Works for Horn & Organ

Works for Trombone & Organ

Works for 3 Flutes, Harp & Organ

Toccata for Brass Quartet & Organ

Intrada festiva & Passio for Brass Quintet and Organ

Works for Piano:

Works for Piano

Works for Solo & Piano:

Works for Violin & Piano

Ten Pieces for Flute & Piano

Eight pieces for Flute & Piano

Works for 3 Flutes & Piano

Works for Woodwind Quintet:

Salsamania for Woodwind Quintet

Works for String Quartet:

String Quartet D major

Vocal Music:

Missa Gioiosa for 4prt mixed chorus or 3prt female or male chorus & piano/organ

Kölner Pueri Cantores Messe (Cologne Pueri Cantores Mass) für 4prt mixed choir or 2prt childrens chorus & piano/organ

Cantata "Christ, the Heavenly Phoenix"

Works with Orchestra:

Concerto for Organ & Orchestra

Celtic Concerto for Piano & Orchestra