Fairy-tale opera The Magic Chest

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After the death of the Caliph the Grand Vizier prepares the throne for the Caliph son Ali and promises his daughter Hikmat to become Ali's wife, but before, he has to fulfill three testings:

Ali must enter the spheres of air, water, earth and fire, in order to conquer magic items from protected places. As he makes his way a magician comes to the court and offers to the Grand Vizier a magic chest, which allows the owner to intervene everywhere beyond time and space of time.

Overcome by greed, the grand vizier acquires the chest. As a reward the daughter of the Grand Vizier is promised to the magician's hand, if the chest actually has this ability. Now the Grand Vizier can preempt Ali and bring the magic items in his own possession. But he will not give his daughter to the sorcerer anyway. He takes her violently and chains her in an abyss. Ali returnes home without success, hears of the kidnapping and rushes to seek Hikmat. When he finds her but unable to save her, he desperately throws himself into the abyss . Through this self-sacrifice the whole scene turned towards a happy end.

A colorful and varied fairy tale for children over 6 years.


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