Concerto for Organ & Orchestra

Price: score € 35,-, parts each € 7,-, organ part € 10,-, complete orchestra set € 110,-

The basic instrumentation of Concerto for organ and orchestra is for strings and percussion, woodwind and brass parts are notated in the score and can be added ad lib.

The work has been composed in 1998 for the opening concert of the 11th International Organ Academy in the Altenberg cathedral (Bergisches Land).

The sub-title of the work is "the 23rd Psalm set to music".

The first movement, Allegro moderato, begins piano in the strings (pdf 1st mvt, p. 3), increasing to a first fortissimo in which the organ with running figures preceeds to a mighty chord (pdf 1st mvmt p.6).

The further development consists in general of a game between a lyrical, melodious theme (pdf 1st mvmt, p. 7) and a motoric, figurative one (pdf 1st mvmt, p. 10).

After a final culmination the movement closes in a diminuendo.

The second movement, Andante larghetto, ("he leadeth me to green pastures") has again, two main themes, a chorale-like theme in 3/4 meter (pdf 2nd mvmt, p. 35) and a lyrical, more flowing one in 6/8 meter (pdf 2nd mvmt, p. 38). This movement again closes piano after a climax (pdf 2nd mvmt, p. 50).

The final movement, Allegro, begins with a dance-like theme in 5/4 Meter, returning twice, rondo-like (pdf 3rd mvmt, p. 53). A grotesque second theme in 4/4 meter (3rd mvmt, p. 66) as well as reminiscences from the two preceding movements form further passages. After a mighty pedal solo, the first main theme of the first movement appears in the tutti like an apotheosis (pdf 3rd mvmt, p. 84). The work closes with the dance-like opening theme of the movement.


Audio extracts here...

Concerto 1. Satz:
Concerto 2. Satz:
Concerto 3. Satz:
Concerto 3. Satz, Schluss:


... Videos here:

A musical interpretation of the psalm 23.

Video of the performance on march 13th  2016 with Maria Blazhevich (organ) Tomsk Academy Symphony Orchestra Yaroslav Tkalenko (conductor)

Concerto complete

Video of the performance on january 14th 2005 in St. Remigius, Borken, with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Thomas König, organ: H. A. Stamm

Concerto: 1st mvmt  2nd mvmt  3rd mvmt

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