Cantata "Christ, the Heavenly Phoenix"



Performance options and Sheet music, which you can purchase:

In order to be able to perform the cantata with reduced costs and without additional instruments, there are different versions available, timpani always ad lib.

1. piano solo, 2. organ & piano 3. strings & piano/organ


...Audios from The CD recording:

The Raven Choir:
The Raven Bass-Solo:
The Swan:
The Basilisk Choir1:
The Basilisk Choir2:
The Pelican:
The Phoenix Choir:
The Phoenix Alt Solo:
The Phoenix End:

... Videos on Youtube:

Performance 2005 in St. Remigius Borken:

Der Rabe - Der Schwan - Der Basillisk - Der Pelikan - Der Phönix (b+c)

Performance 2009 in the ev. Christuskirche Leverkusen in the version with piano, solo violin and timpani:


Der Rabe - Der Schwan - Der Basilisk - Der Pelikan - Der Phönix (b+c)

Performance 2010 in St. Jacques, Liège, Belgium

Der Rabe

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