Toccata for Brass Quartet & Organ

Price: € 15,-


for Brass Quartet & Organ, timpani ad lib. (duration: 3 min.)

begins with and increasing chord sequence followed by an Allegro section, in which dialog phrases between organ and brass alternate with a second catchy theme played by the different players and led to a final climax.









... Video on Youtube: Toccata for Brass & Organ

Intrada festiva & Passio for Brass Quintet and Organ



Pric: € 35,-

Intrada festiva for Brass Quintet & organ, timpani ad lib. (duration: 3 min.)

begins with mighty chords of the organ answered by fanfare-like brass chord sequences . The first trumpet then intonates a lyrical 2nd theme. Further chord dialogs between organ and brass and a continuation of the lyrical theme lead to a development crescendo section leading to a brilliant conclusion.

Passio for Brass Quintet & organ (duration: 5.30 min.)

consists of two parts: the first, slowly moving and increasing with cluster like chords symbolises the transition, the literal meaning of the word 'Passio', to resurrection, described in the toccata-like 2nd part using the choral melody "Christ ist erstanden" alternating between dramatic and heroic passages. The piece ends pianissimo in an ascending and fading chord sequence.


... Videos on Youtube:

Intrada  Passio


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