Joyful Winds & Playful Pipes

recorded in September 2019 in St. Martin Raesfeld.

Highlights of virtuoso and lyrical pieces for this rare instrument combination
Works by Rutter, Dvorak, Humperdinck, Stamm and others

„Joyful Winds & Playful Pipes“ is the third CD of the duo „Orgelklang und Flötenzauber“, Andrea Will and Hans-André Stamm. The usual virtuoso interplay of organ and flute or piccolo is here tonally enriched by several new instruments: Andrea Will plays the rare piccolo in F, which lies between the flute and the piccolo in both range and sound. By activating a diaphragm, a second timbre can be selected which is reminiscent of a bamboo flute and has given the instrument the nickname „Japanese Piccolo“. For the first time on CD, pieces for trio can now be heard in which Wolfgang Pohl opens up new worlds of sound with oboe or English horn through warm tonality and contrasting melodies.
Most of the works recorded on this CD are penned by Hans-André Stamm. An original composition by John Rutter as well as arrangements of opera and film music, among other things, round off the selection of works with which the participating instruments impressively demonstrate their diverse possibilities.