Little Jazz Suite for Alto Saxophone & Organ (Piano)

The work consists of three movements: Rap-Sofia, Hommage à J. S. Bach and Blissful Mood.
Catchy motives, a driving rhythm and colorful figurations through the whole range of the solo instrument characterize the 1st and 3rd mvmt.
The theme of the 2nd mvmt is derived from the 2nd mvmt, Largo, of Bach’s 2nd organ trio sonata BWV 526.
The 3rd movements in the second part quoted the themes of the other two mvmts.
1. Rap-Sofia page 1 (pdf)
2. Hommage à J. S. Bach – page 1 (pdf)
3. Blissful Mood Page 1 (pdf)

The organ part can be equally played with piano, both sound perfect, but in a few passages, where the organ plays with a solo manual, a special piano figuration was required and is additionally notated under the organ part.
Listen to a perfomance with Martin Hilner on Youtube. The difficulty level of the work is advanced intermediate.

Video on Youtube: Little Jazz Suite