CD Organ Sound & Flute Magic (Vol. 1)

This CD has been recorded in July 2011 at the great Klais organ in the munster church Bonn. Highlights of virtuoso and lyrical pieces for this rare instrumental combination. Works by Vivaldi, Marais, Fauré, Bruch, Stamm and others

Any organ, whether in a small village church or in a large cathedral, incorporates flute registers. So why adding a flute as solo instrument? Because it complements the flute pipes nicely: sometimes sounding just like an additional register, but then magically emerging from the organ sound with its specific technical possibilities and „real“ flute sound. This particularly holds for the piccolo flute, which is mainly played in the orchestra but rarely as solo or chamber instrument. Several works of Hans-André Stamm and other composers demonstrate that the grand flute‘s little sister, sounding warm andrich in the lower pitch as well as clear and brilliant in the high notes, enriches the organ sound dramatically. The grand flute itself lends its special timbre to the organ in a few other pieces. Several solo works for organ round up this recording.

1. Hans-André Stamm – Echoes of Joy
2. Hans-André Stamm – Spring Dance
3. Hans-André Stamm – Pick Five
4. Gabriel Fauré/arr. Stamm- Cantilène
5. Max Bruch – Schwedischer Tanz 
6. Marin Marais arr. Stamm – Le Basque 
7. Hans-André Stamm – Paraphrase on “Suo Gan”
8. Ennio Morricone Gabriel’s Oboe 
9. Hans-André Stamm – Toccata Giocosa (Organ solo)
10. Hans-André Stamm – Sicilienne
11. Hans-André Stamm – Take Seven
12. Hans-André Stamm – Doina
13. Markus Karas (*1961) – Petite Suite pour Flûte et Orgue
14. Hans-André Stamm – Rêve (Organ solo)
15. Hans-André Stamm – Variationen on a Breton Noël 
16. Antonio Vivaldi – Largo from Concerto per Flautino C-Dur, Op. 44
17. Hans-André Stamm – Berceuse

total duration 64:38 min.