Celtic Concerto for Piano & Orchestra

Celtic Concerto for piano and orchestra has been commissioned by the Musiziergemeinschaft (music society) of the Kasinogesellschaft of  Bayer company.

The three movements have the titles: 1. Land of the Brave 2. Hymn to the Light 3. The Bliss of Fairy Lands

The orchestral part has limited technical requirements and produces large sound effects, while the piano part contains brilliant passages.

The title of the work indicates that the music has been inspired by elements of Celtic, Irish and Scottish folk music. It is heard in the modal tonality​​, the hymnal melodic phrases, the rhythmic drive of the fast movements and percussion accompaniment. The classic three-part form is maintained with the full sequence fast-slow-fast, each movement beginning with a quiet introductory passage which are like landscape impressions. The 1st mvmt showing a more dramatic accentuation, the last movement has a dance-like character, while the quiet middle section varies a hymnic theme.

… Videos on Youtube:

Celtic Concerto 1st mvmt: Land of the Brave 2nd mvmt: Hymn to the Light 3rd mvmt: The Bliss of Fairy Lands