CD Organ Sound & Flute Magic Vol. II

1. Stamm – Toccata alla Salsa, 2. Stamm – Fantasia cilena, 3. Menken – Colors of the Wind (from the Disney film ‘Pocahontas’), 4. Stamm – Fantasia alla latina, 5. Rota – Love Theme (from the movie about Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, 6. Stamm – Toccata gaelica, 7. Stamm – Gaelic Fantasy, 8. Stamm – Toccata irlandese, 9. Franck – Fantasia, 3rd mvmt from the violin sonata, 10. Debussy – Andantino from the string quartet, 11. Stamm – Toccata mexicana, 12. Stamm – Fairy Flight, 13. Stamm – Under the starry sky, 14. Stamm – Giga

total duration: 51.29 min.

Following the successful first CD, now more pieces for this special combination of instruments. The focus this time is on Stamm’s new compositions. The rich palette of sound colours of the Rieger organ, in particular the celesta and Spanish trumpets, transport the listener into both dreamy and very spirited worlds of sound that clearly show the influences of Celtic and Latin American folk music. The new compositions for this special combination of instruments focus on Stamm’s new compositions.