Trio Pieces for Flute, Violin (Oboe, Clarinet) & Organ Vol. 3 in Latin Spirit

The pieces in this volume are influenced by elements of Latin music.
They were originally composed for a performance with piccolo flute in the upper part but can be equally played with a concert flute. Solo parts for flute, violin (oboe) and clarinetin Bb are included.

price: € 25,-

  1. El Colibri Bailador p.1+2 pdf
  2. Toccata alla salsa p. 1+2 pdf
  3. Fantasia cilena p. 1+2 pdf
  4. Salsamania p. 1+2 pdf
  5. Fantasia alla Latina p. 1+2 Pdf

… Videos on Youtube:
El Colibri Bailador
Toccata alla salsa
Fantasia cilena (with violin)
Salsamania (with flute solo)
Fantasia alla latina (with flute solo)